Metro Bus Rapid Transit Project Could Drastically Affect Wilshire Traffic

USC student Zach Gale blogs about the Metro Bus Rapid Transit Project

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s
proposed Bus Rapid Transit project could drastically affect traffic on
Wilshire Boulevard and increase bus efficiency along the route, but
full project funding has not been secured.

The project would introduce dedicated bus lanes on both sides of
Wilshire Boulevard from the Santa Monica city border to the west edge
of Beverly Hills, and from the east edge of that city to Valencia
Street near downtown Los Angeles.  The 9.6 miles of lanes would only be
active between 7-9 a.m. and from 4-7 p.m., and curbside lanes would be
repaved. However, obtaining federal funding for the project remains an issue.

“Our project is still in [the federal] budget at this point but it
could be removed,” said Rex Gephart, Bus Rapid Transit Project
Manager.  “[Even] if it remains, the dollars could be cut back.”

The project, if approved, could serve as a temporary solution to the
traffic problems currently afflicting Los Angeles commuters.  Without
federal funding, however, the project’s future could be called into

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