Rosendahl, Stay the Course!

The Dark Side on the WestSide wants to kill the Wilshire Bus-Only Lane!

Councilmember Rosendahl:

Stay the Course of Justice, Use the Force to Fight Transit Racism

Bill Rosendahal Stay the Course 2011

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 Protect the Full Wilshire Bus-only Lane

  •  Wilshire Bus-Only Lane Closer to Reality than Ever Before. After 6 years of struggle by the Bus Riders Union, we are on the cusp of winning a 9 mile Bus-Only Lanes on Wilshire Boulevard. It will shorten your bus commute, take cars off the road, and protect our health and the health of the planet. And the money is here. The Federal govenment has approved $23 million for this project. It will be a model for the whole region but the project is now under attack.
  • First, Supervisor Yaroslavsky Caved to Condo Canyon. In December, LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky caved to a small group of white, wealthy car-driving residents in Westwood and agreed to cut out a one-mile chunk in the middle of the planned 9-mile project.
  • That Opened the Floodgates. Now another small group of white, wealthy car-driving residents in Brentwood want to do the same thing in their neighborhood.
  • An Ally Is Now Potentially Bucking. Los Angeles City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl has been a staunch supporter of the bus-only lane, but is now considering caving to these Westsiders and their transit racism. He is proposing to cut out another 2 ½ miles, removing all Westside sections and effectively cutting the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes in half! Worst, potentially losing federal funds and compromising the project’s goal of improving bus service, attracting more transit users, and taking cars off the streets.

Tell Councilmember Rosendahl:

Our city needs your bold leadership in support of civil rights and environment. We want a future Los Angeles dominated not by automobiles, smog, and Westside special interests, but by clean air and a world-class bus system. We want a complete bus-only lanes on Wilshire from Parkview to Centinela!


Call Councilmember Bill Rosendahl now (213) 473-7011:

“Approve the 9 mile Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Project and drop the proposal to exclude the Westside!”