MTA wants to suck you dry!

MTA's 30-Year Plan Calls for Permanent Fare Increases and Cutting Bus Service

MTA's wants to suck you dry. More toxic freeways, a $7 Billion Subway to Santa Monica and a rail line for every politician - this ain't free y'all. Despite a third sales tax increase, totalling their annual budget to $3.8 billion, MTA wants fare increases every two years for the next 30 years, service cuts and to take your taxes and civil rights and flush them down the toilet! This is called transit racism - where you the bus rider (look around, your bus is mostly Black, Latino, and Asian bus riders), will have to pay more, so that stressed out Westsiders, suburban car drivers and the gentrification schemers who want to take over our neighborhoods, can have a new highway lane or a choo-choo train.

MTA says these are tough times; we all have to sacrifice. But, MTA crying poverty is like Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and the rest of the Wall Street blood suckers crying poverty, who shed their crocodile tears toward a $700 Billion Bailout! MTA's own budget has gone up by a $1 Billion in the last two years alone! But they think, you don't deserve a dime of it. In fact, you get less, by paying more. You are their life blood to their gravy trains. As, always Bus Riders Union is ready for the fight.

Here are two things you can do:

1) Call Mayor Villaraigosa at 213-978-0600 or
Say: "Mayor we need you to take service cuts and fare increases off the table and out of the Long Range Transportation Plan - We need bus expansion, lower fares and more service!"

2) Come and testify at the MTA Board meeting- Thursday, October 22nd, 8:30AM @ MTA Headquarters (behind Union Station), 3rd floor