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  • A recent decision to move the criminal trial of Johannes Mehserle – the former BART officer who shot and killed Oscar Grant on New Years Day – to Los Angeles has again once thrust the city to the forefront of controversy involving police abuse and murder.

  • Ever heard of cap and trade or carbon trading? Here's a helpful animated video to help you navigate the basics of market driven false solutions like cap and trade  and why ithey should be rejected as a climate change policy.

  • On Thursday November 19th, the Transit Riders for Public Transportation Campaign and the Bus Riders Union hosted a transportation briefing event, "Re-Envision Urban Transit: Los Angeles and Beyond." 

  • There is an excellent 7-minute film that travels to Bogotá, Colombia to show you how the city runs a bus-centered transit system that is modern, inexpensive and efficiently moves 1.3 million people a day, integrating bicycles and auto free zones--and all without relying on rail or subways.

  • I don't normally write to newspaper columnists but, over the past few weeks, Bob Herbert at the New York Times has been writing some really sharp OpEd columns that have caught my attention. What hooked me was a column where he put his finger on a question that's been bothering many of us: where is the anger, the outrage, the action? where is the hope for changing the world? 

  • "Pre-Prison Diaries" is a series from the Community Rights Campaign in which organizers, students and parents share stories and observations about truancy tickets, police in schools, zero tolerance, and other "pre-prison" conditions and experiences. Jackie Hill, current freshmen at Dominguez Hills, shares how the recent budget crisis and the increased spending on prisons in the last 25 years have impacted her life as a young Black woman. 

  • Last weekend, the Honduran political crisis entered a new stage when US
    diplomats brokered an agreement between the coup government led by
    Roberto Micheletti and the ousted President Manuel Zelaya. Is the agreement a victory for Zelaya and popular forces in Honduras
    and across Latin America or is it a triumph of a sophisticated strategy
    of US imperial manipulation? Manuel Criollo comments.

  • On Tuesday October 13th, the last of the four public scoping meetings was held regarding the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Project to hear from the public around their thoughts and concerns around this project.

  • BRU wins two major policy breakthroughs to protect bus riders' Civil Rights at the MTA's monthly Board meeting! After months of pressure from the BRU, Mayor Villaraigosa requests that MTA staff present a plan for bus system improvements and Supervisor Ridley-Thomas introduced an amendment to the 2009 LRTP that included language to protect the 20% of Measure R funds exclusively for bus expansion.

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