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  • Seeking support for improved transit operations and a public hearing, Los Angeles members of the Transit Riders for Public Transportation met with City Council members.
  • Transit Riders for Public Transportation advocates joined Transit Labor members and Reverend Jesse Jackson at a press conference to address the loss of transit jobs due to massive cuts in transit operations.


  • Last November, I blogged about being disturbed by the absence of anger and the outrage in the middle of the worst economic crisis in 80 years. But maybe things are starting to change. Last week the L.A. Daily News was talking about people feeling left out if they didn't have a protest...on Wednesday.
  • UPDATE 4/22: On Thursday, April 15, Mayor Villaraigosa introduced Motion #49 to the MTA Board, with L.A. DOT General Manger Rita Robinson and L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. The motion proposes an informational briefing to announce the fare increase and listen to “comments”; this is not a public hearing and not...

  • In prepration for our upcoming Earthday film event, we viewed a compelling documentary film called Voices from the Front Lines which relates the rich history of the Strategy Center fighting for environmental justice during the late 1980s and early 90s. The Labor/Community Watchdog campaign organized residents of Wilmington, Carson and others in the harbor region to fight the big oil tycoon Texaco and other corporate polluters who for decades profited while poisoning the surrounding Black and Brown communities.
  • Jorge Lopez, social activist in East Los Angeles and world history teacher at Roosevelt High School, recently got involved with our "No to Pre-Prisons" Campaign. After feeling frustrated and angry at the increased ticketing of his students he began referring his students to us for legal services and support. Questioning the real intentions about the "truancy" sweeps at his school he writes in his blog: "I believe that if the Mayor had no interest in ticketing our students, there would not be one of his point persons overseeing the operation, and LAPD...."

  • On March 16th I had the chance to participate in the Transportation Equity Network's Advocacy Day in D.C. One of the most significant events of my visit was a press conference called by Senator Sherrod Brown, Congressman Russ Carnahan and Congresswoman Betty Sutton to introduce Senator Brown's Transit Operations Marker Bill.
  • Members of Transit Riders for Public Transportation, the Transportation Equity Network, Bus Riders Union, Urban Habitat, Public Advocates and WEACT led four workshops earlier this week (3/15-16) at the Transportation Equity Network's conference "A Seat at the Table."

  • BRU picket - You wanna raise our fares, again? MTA, look us in the eye.

    The BRU rallies after our Press Conference at MTA Headquarters to demand a stop to MTA's racist fare increase. BRU calls public attention to MTA's staff attempt to silence the public by denying them their rightful opportunity to speak on the impacts that another fare increase will have on the lives of half a million Black, Latino and Asian working class bus riders!

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