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  • In January, the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization (LVEJO) of Chicago was proud to take part in the TRPT's National Advocacy Day for Civil Rights. We met with the staff of Senator Durbin and Senator Burris, as well as the staff of Representatives Davis, Gutierrez, Jackson, Jr, Lipinski, and Quigley. Because senators’ number one priority right now is jobs, we stressed...

  • Just yesterday, CNN ran a top story in their legal news section that features our Community Rights work against truancy tickets and pre-prison conditions in schools: "But one thing is sure: Alexa's case isn't the first. At schools across the country, police are being asked to step in..."

  • Two new members were elected for their first time to the Planning Committee this year.  I asked them about their impressions of their first month.  What was it like at your first meeting?  What surprised you?  How has your perspective on our work changed?

  • Earlier this month, more than 40 people, representing 16 organizations
    from across the state, piled into an AC Transit Bus and rode to
    Sacramento to demand that our Legislators stop the fare hikes, service
    cuts, and layoffs that have been devastating  California transit
    operators and their riders.

  • This year we're working on raising $10,000 to build support around the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Campaign which is so close to victory. To kick off our fundraising effort, we had our first event on Saturday January 30th--Clean Air Campaign Yard Sale.

  • Big news! In the first successful action of its kind in the nation, Bay Area members of Transit Riders for Public Transportation (TRPT), Public Advocates and Urban Habitat, filed a civil rights complaint to stop $70M in stimulus funds from being allocated to the $500-billion boondoggle rail project, the Oakland Airport Connector project (OAC). 
  • The report looks at how punitive discipline and testing policies and practices have combined to turn many schools into hostile and alienating environments that drive youth out of school and toward the juvenile and criminal justice systems. 
    We highly encourage our members and supporters to read this important

  • In actions at Manual Arts, Westchester, and Cleveland High Schools,  LAUSD students from our Community Rights Campaign weathered the rain to launch a new initiative for greater accountability from the Los Angeles School Police Department
    They reached out to students, teachers and community members to support CRC's 5 new policy recommendations for creating new policies and procedures that restrict the use of force and role of police in our schools to protect the civil/human rights of all.

  • January 16th, close to 100 BRU members showed up to the monthly membership meeting with sample ballots in one hand and membership dues in the other, ready to elect their next planning committee. 
  • The Community Rights Campaign in collaboration with the Los Angeles Chapter of Dignity in Schools Campaign has released a policy paper: Police in LAUSD Schools: The Need for Accountability and Alternatives. The report calls attention to the pervasive problem of police misconduct in the Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD), and calls for measures to protect the civil and educational rights of the students and families of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD).

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