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  • Join us on May 2nd for our 26th Annual Political Party! We are back at the USC Radisson.

  • A great day for a rally as Strategy Center members joined with over 50 organizations and over 2,000 people as they took over the streets to honor and support women leaders and women's liberation.

  • Every February activists and teachers attempt to roll back the curtain and highlight Black men and women. Part of our mission to reclaim our own history. It's the last week of Black History month, let's finish strong.

  • Congressmember Karen Bass

    A delegation of the South Los Angeles students and alumni of Manual Arts attended Congress woman's Karen Bass Congressional Hearing on 21st Century Policing. The conversation elevated theories of investing in services such as our schools, housing, public transportation not maintaining and expanding the policing forces in the city.

  • As we welcome the new year, we also welcome in a new 2015 Bus Riders Union Planning Committee. After two months of nominations, the elections were held during the January membership meeting.

  • The Strategy Center's Fight for the Soul of the Cities and Community Rights Campaign is organizing a Rally and Resist-In at Los Angeles Unified School District on Thursday, December 18, 2014 at 4:00 pm. The growing outcry and struggle to bring an end to state sanction violence against the Black community is on the rise. We stand in solidarity with the national day of action under the slogan #StoptheWaronYouth coordinated by the Alliance for Educational Justice, Journey for Justice and other youth national alliances.

  • The Los Angeles School Police Department (LASPD) has issued sweeping policy reforms to reduce citations and arrests of students in Los Angeles Unified School District as the new school year begins. The policy and protocols require minor law violations that previously resulted in citations and arrests to be addressed through interventions by school site officials and restorative practices or through diversion to a YouthSource or FamilySource Center.

  • After many months of work in schools in South Los Angeles and Boyle Heights the Strategy Center's Community Rights Campaign has been organizing our classrooms and neighborhoods to push for the approval of an Ethnic Studies graduation requirement at LAUSD.


    Los Angeles today is ruled by the privatizing, polluting, policing corporate class that is making life unbearable for the vast majority of the people. The city and the entire country, is creating a low-wage, no wage, global warming empire backed up by police, immigration raids, and military occupation. We need your help to fight for the social welfare state not the police state, the environmental justice state not the warfare state. The Fight for the Soul of the Cities is the fight for the soul of the United States-inside and outside its territorial borders. 

  • The Fight for the Soul of the Cities is the Fight for the Soul of the United States. U.S. society is facing a moral, spiritual, economic, ecological, racial, political crisis and is carrying out a war against it own people and the people of the world. At a time when the need for social revolution has never been greater the people are disorganized, demoralized, terrified and alone-but that is beginning to change before our very eyes.

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