Welcome the 2015 BRU Planning Committee

As we welcome in the New Year, we also welcome in the 2015 Bus Riders Union Planning Committee. The election was held during the January 17th BRU Monthly Membership meeting. The BRU Planning Committee is the leadership and decision making body for the organization made up of 5 elected volunteer members and 4 staff. All 5 members will bring experience and dedication to their office, especially in Shepherd Petit who has been a member since 1996, and has previously served on the Planning Committee. They are:

Aracely BarbozaAracely Barboza: "Last year I was elected for the first time ever to represent you in Planning Committee. Since then I have seen myself grow politically, especially learning about climate justice and how personally climate change is affecting us living here in Los Angeles and in the 3rd world, where many of us have strong roots." 

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Ronald CollinsRonald Collins: "For the past year I have sat as a non-voting member of the Planning
Committee so as to be able to follow the campaign every step of the way
and to be as informed as possible about how to move the campaigns on the
ground. I have had the opportunity to work closely with many of you and those experiences have made me a better organizer and a better leader in the movement."

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Channing MartinezChanning Martinez: "One of the things that always keeps me going is coming to the realization that it took us four hundred years to defeat American slavery. And it took the leadership of a few organizers like, Nat Turner, and like Harriet Tubman, and others to not be afraid to stand up and fight back. Planning Committee is simply a modern day form of that leadership"

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Shepherd Petit

Shepherd Petit:  "I also volunteer on the Mailing Committee, which meets once a month to make sure that the members get their information concerning the activities and the political events taking place locally and nationally. I also volunteer at the monthly meeting sign-in table"

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Beverly TaylorBeverly Taylor: "I have been involved in the politics of our Union as I have served on the Planning Committee this past year. I am also a member of the book club, Mailing committee and I am always ready for a good political conference."

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Good luck to the BRU PC of 2015!