6 Months after the release of ‘Black, Brown, and Over-policed in L.A. Schools

6 Months after the release of ‘Black, Brown, and Over-policed in L.A. Schools,' where are we on the CRC's proposals to end the school-to-prison-pipeline?


In the fall, the Community Rights Campaign released our report with explicit recommendations for LAUSD  to put in place concrete and lasting policies to decriminalize student behavior on campus and to ensure that criteria are in place to properly define and limit the role of police at school. Our report marked the important breakthroughs in 2012 to decriminalize truancy, presented recent data on school-based tickets and arrest, highlighted student experiences and the importance of this issue for Black and Brown youth, and concluded with very specific policy proposals, including adopting our Equal Protection Plan.

We are happy to report that progress has been made!

In February, Community Rights Campaign organizers were invited to present at LAUSD's Discipline Task Force, a group of district and community stakeholders monitoring implementation of the School-wide Positive Behavior and Intervention Support policy and the School Climate Bill of Rights Resolution. Our presentation focused on model policies, throughout the nation, to restrict school-based tickets and arrests and the reasons why this is a critical next step for LAUSD and to protect the civil rights of our students. We then presented to Board member Monica Garcia, Deputy Superintendent Michelle King, LASPD Chief Steve Zipperman and others on the Progressive Discipline Committee in March.

Where are we now?

Both the district and the school police department have put together small teams at our urging, to work towards having guidelines in place that define the role of police and limit criminal responses for the biggest categories of school tickets, by the new school year! We compiled information and resources  for LASPD and are meeting regularly with their department and our ally Public Counsel, to inform the substance of the guidelines and make sure that students are no longer sent to probation and the courts for the major categories of school tickets, but instead have access to the resources and supports that they deserve through restorative practices and positive behavior interventions.

We could use your continued support to ensure what is shaping to be an important victory after many years of student's organizing from South and East L.A. to the Valley, on ending the school-to-prison-pipeline.