Stop the MTA's Toxic Fare Increase

Los Angeles generates massive quantities of greenhouse gases & air toxins from the automobile, with 8 million cars on the road in a county of 10 million people. The only way to reduce these toxins, and save ourselves and the planet from run-away global warming is to massively restrict private automobiles and massively expand public transportation. The MTA's proposed fare increase (see table below) would generate more greenhouse gases by driving people off of public transit and into their cars.

We will be gathering in force for the first public hearing on March 29th at MTA Headquarters at Union Station to raise our voices in opposition. If you want to RSVP to the event click here.


The Bus Riders Union, the Fight for the Soul of the Cities and other allies have been targeting Mayor Eric Garcetti and LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas to oppose this toxic attack on the working class and transit dependent people of Los Angeles County.  

You can also read more about the fare increase proposal and our fight against climate change.