On March 5th Vote No on LA's Measure A

Not another cent for LAPD!


On March 5th, LA voters are being asked to pay another regressive sales tax, Measure A, which will generate another $215 million to cover the city's budget deficit. Many of its proponents, including Chief Charlie Beck, are pushing the tax in the name of public safety, claiming that without it LAPD will have to stop hiring more police.

But did you know LAPD's budget already eats up the lion's share of the city's resources? A single police officer costs the city 2-3 times more than the average teacher, social worker, or librarian, but the LAPD wants to grow while other basic city services get cut, cut cut.

What has adding a 1,000 more police brought us in the last 10 years?

More truancy tickets and police sweeps for working class students inside our schools, cuts to basic social services like housing, parks, libraries, and more police brutality to name just a few. Everywhere we turn, inside LAUSD, in Downtown, or on the bus, the daily lives of Black and Brown people are criminalized for being poor, late, or just being Black and Brown.
Despite the rhetoric of public safety, LAPD's role is to serve the interests of big business and real estate corporations and protect their vision of a gentrified city dominated by them. This includes keeping low-income communities under control with brutality and fear.

A coalition calls for the funding of the people, not the police.


The Labor/Community Strategy Center, Bus Riders Union, and the Community Rights Campaign have a different vision-cut the LAPD's budget, not the people's budget. We need fewer cops, not more. Real safety starts with more social services. Imagine our students having counselors instead of police, books not truancy tickets, classrooms not jail cells. Imagine getting free public transportation instead of a $250 fine, living in good public housing instead of fearing eviction. A vision starts with imagining but becomes real when we demand it together.