LCSC, BRU and CRC Fight for the Soul of the City

Leaders and organizers from the Labor Community Strategy Center, the Bus Riders Union, and the Community Rights Campaign reached out to the 2013 Los Angeles mayoral candidates.  A letter was sent to Controller Wendy Greuel, Councilmember Jan Perry, Councilmember Eric Garcetti and Kevin James which urged the candidates to meet with us and to adopt the long-term plan "Fight for the Soul of the City".

As stated in the letter, "The issues we are emphasizing are in the arenas of mass transit, criminal justice, environmental justice, and civil rights but our frame is the entire city, as is yours. In our view, since we have been organizing in Los Angeles the city has been a business-dominated enterprise enforced by the police. We focus on a series of comprehensive proposals for urban development framed by the social welfare and environmental justice state not the police state."

The letter covers priorities we want to see on the city platform such as: A first-class, 24/7, zero emission, free, public transportation system based on a 5,000 MTA bus fleet, a significant reduction in police presence, police criminalization of everyday life, and dramatic improvements in and restrictions upon police behavior, and to speak about the clear and present danger of global warming catastrophe which if not reversed, will devastate Los Angeles and other U.S. cities and what plans we have to radically reduce greenhouse gas production and for emergency community response to ecological disasters.

To read the full text of the letter: