Bus Riders Union welcomes the 2013 Planning Committee

Welcome to the new members of the Planning Committee (PC)

This month, after two months of nominations the BRU held its 2013 planning committee elections. The BRU Planning Committee is the leadership and decision making body for the organization made up of members and staff. This was one of the most competitive Planning Committee elections in recent memory, with 10 strong candidates running for five seats. And it was the first year in recent memory where a run-off was necessary to decide the fifth and final seat on the Planning Committee. 

Joanna GasparFor two members, Joanna Gaspar and Michelle Lopez, this will be their third year serving on the Planning Committee. As Joanna said, "The Planning Committee has been a place of growth for me. I've learned so much, not only politically but personally too. I know my strengths and I know that I can provide much more and show the same dedication that I have shown since day one."

Michelle Lopez"This new year brings a new chapter in my life," said Michelle Lopez, "As a recent graduate I come in with a new perspective as part of a workforce struggling daily for economic survival."  


The PC is also welcoming 3 brand new members to its ranks this year.

Ronald Collins


Ronald Collins, who has been a member of the BRU since 2006 and also served on the Clean Air Committee,


Bianca SadiBianca Sadi who joined the BRU in 2011 and was an active part of the No On Measure J phone banking team.



Steve SamayoaStephen Samayoa, a member since 2011 has also participated in the Speaker's Bureau.