Media reacts as No On Measure J coalition hits the streets

Resize No on J coalition.jpgThe No On Measure J coalition held a press conference on the corner of Crenshaw and Slauson on October 16th. and the media paid attention highlighting the diverse group of LA County residents who have come together in common purpose to fight this regressive sales tax. 

The Beverly Hills Courier pointed out the concerns that have united this coalition "Beverly Hills isn't the only city Metro is trying to destroy. Dozens of community leaders and concerned residents from areas like Boyle Heights, Crenshaw and Pasadena came together with Beverly Hills Tuesday morning in the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles to speak out against Measure J, Metro's "blank check" that will extend the half-cent Measure R sales tax another 30 years to 2069. The Courier went on to quote Janet Dodson of the "No On 710 Action Committee, "You'll be hearing about how Measure J is going to bring jobs to the community, It will only be bringing jobs to [corporations such as Parsons Brinckerhoff] and the contractors that work for these people."

The Front Page Online, calling it a "Rainbow Coalition", went on to emphasis the concern of the coalition on how the tax will be spent, saying "The goal of the newly formed Coalition to Defeat Measure J: To set off eclectic electricity and draw attention to their unified conviction that Measure J would fail to aid mass transit in places where most needed."

City Watch called it "LA County in Harms Way with Measure J", going on to say: Measure J wastes resources where growth is not wanted and does not plan for growth where it should occur. So don't accelerate Measure R projects (with J) by buying things you don't need with money you don't have while ignoring the problems you do have and not creating the opportunities for problem solving you should develop.

Betty Pleasant of Soulvine put it eloquently in her op-ed;"Measure J seeks to increase sales taxes to complete transportation projects in some parts of Los Angeles County - but not the Crenshaw Line!! The voters approved a 30-year increase in sales taxes for that purpose in 2008, and now MTA wants more money just four years later?! Naw, as my grandfather use to say, "that dog won't hunt." This coalition is right."

To read more about the new coalition you can read the articles in LA Opinion, Annenberg TV News, CityWatchLA,