BRU and Community Leaders meet to Stop Measure J!

Beverly Hills Courier picture of community meetingOn October 9th, Bus Riders Union organizers attended a meeting that gathered community leaders from all over Los Angeles to send a message opposing Measure J. The meeting included a wide variety of LA groups including board members of the Beverly Hills Board of Education, LA BASTA, Crenshaw Subway Coalition, Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, the No On 710 Action Committee and other Beverly Hills organizations.

BRU Lead Organizer Sunyoung Yang spoke to the Beverly Hills Courier after the meeting "Measure J, if approved, would be a blank check for the MTA to use, There is no accountability whatsoever in Metro. The passage of Measure J would give MTA unlimited amounts of leeway to first ignore the community concerns and continue with [the] destructive projects that both Measure R and Measure J are pushing for."

The purpose of this first meeting was to begin discussing a plan for public opposition to Measure J including phone banks, literature, lawn signs and car magnets. "It's showing the unity to communities are getting together and fighting for the same cause under one flag," LA BASTA Chairperson Art Pulido said.