Send an Email to President Obama asking: Mr President, Restore, Enforce Expand our Civil Rights!

Civil rights are under attack in every sector.

In late April, we received news that after a year-long federal civil rights review of LA Metro, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) chief, Peter Rogoff ignored compelling evidence of civil rights violations in LA Metro's bus service cuts and effectively abdicated his agency's responsibility to enforce civil rights law.

We are joining together to urge President Obama to overturn this decision by the
Administration's top mass transit official and restore the 1 million hours of service cut by the LA Metro.

With this decision President Obama can send the message that he will
hold all agencies to the strictest standards of Civil Rights Law. 

Email President Obama  ask him to: Restore, Expand, Enforce Civil Rights!

We are gathering with Bus Riders Union friends and allies all over the country to send this email to President Obama. He needs to hear from you.

We are also asking all our friends to show us their spirit by posting a picture on our facebook page. 

Crystal McMillan

Let's win a precedent-setting victory for LA bus riders and the civil rights struggle nation-wide.

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