Sign Now! GGJ Petition: US State Dept "No Greed Economy at Rio +20!"

ggj logo.jpgSending out a call to members, friends and allies of Grassroots Global Justice

Grassroots Global Justice , the Labor Community Strategy Center, and their allies will be traveling to  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this June 20-22 at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. On the docket are plans to unveil the "Green Economy" strategy-but we know that just calling something "green" doesn't mean it's good for people or for the planet. The "Rio+20" Conference is a key moment when world governments have an opportunity to either act to protect our future, or continue on the same failed strategies that are threating our future. 

The US State Department needs to hear from you today! 

Grassroots Global Justice and ally groups from the Climate Justice Alignment process will join thousands of people from social movements around the world converging in Rio from June 15-22 to hold a parallel People's Summit and to demand an end to profit-driven dirty energy industries like oil drilling and pipelines, market-based strategies like carbon-trading and forest exploitation, and extreme energy like fossil fuels and incinerators. 

The People's Summit is calling for a June 5th week of action in defense of the environment and against transnational corporations, and a June 20th Global Action Day for social and environmental justice, against the commodification of life, and in defense of the commons.

We are sending a message to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Rio+20 lead negotiator John Matuszak to reject the false solutions of the "Green Economy"!

GGJ and our allies are sending a message to the conference. We are calling on them to invest in solutions to the ecological and economic crises that put our communities to work, cool the planet, and transition environmental control back to local economies. On June 20th, GGJ delegates will be in the streets with our social movement allies La Vía Campesina, World March of Women, and other global movements, taking creative action to deliver these demands to John Matuszak and Hillary Clinton.

Help us reach 5,000 signatures! Add your voice--sign the petition!

In the words of our allies in La Vía Campesina: "globalize the struggle, globalize hope!"

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It's time to invest in humanity and our future.

Please invest in sustainable practices. The economy and our environment need to find a way to coexist. We as humans, are supposed to give back and nurture the earth, not take as much as possible. it is the only hope we have to turn things around.

End corporate and non-profit theft of land and resources. The Jewish National Fund will be participating in Rio+20 as a "green organization". In fact, it has been part of colonizing Palestine and covering up Israeli military theft of land and displacement of Palestinians for over 100 years.

Please invest in solutions to the ecological and economic crises that put our communities to work, cool the planet, and transition environmental control back to local economies. Make green good for all people and our communities!

It is time to protect our earth before its too late.

It's time to get serious. As new data are indicating that climate change is occurring faster that scientists predicted, it is ever more crucial that leaders step up to the plate to do something about this. A green economy must work for all, particularly the communities who will be most severely impacted by the effects of climate change.

Reject the false solutions of the "green economy."

Invest in solutions to the ecological and economic crises that put our communities to work, cool the planet and transition environmental control back to local economies.

Progresss without Pollution!

We must make the necessary changes for the enviornment and economy. We are virtually out of time with the enviornment and the economy is not improving for far too many people. Do your jobs.

Real sustainable development means democratic control over our natural resources and economy, not development dictated to the populace by banks and global corporations.

I support a true "green economy", but I certainly do not support what is being called "green economy" at the Rio plus 20 which is a public relations corporate and banking scam.

Respect basic people, other species, and the earth and cooperate and work toward reducing conflict rather than trying to shove a centralized non-solution down the masses' throats.

Be honest. Admit that corporate forces will not allow meaningful solutions to be proposed on climate change and other grave planetary ills.