National Day of Action: Send an email to FTA today for transit civil rights in Los Angeles


Take Action Now!

Restore Our Civil Rights, Restore Our 1 Million of Hours of Bus Service!

Please click here to send an email today to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to mandate LA Metro to restore one million hours of bus service and rectify the civil rights violations found in the FTA review. We're aiming for FTA to receive at least 500 emails from supporters in one day - today!

FTA is currently working on a formal response to LA Metro and determining whether or not the agency has violated Title VI regulation by having made discriminatory cuts to bus service. We are urging FTA to tell Metro to restore bus service and relieve the suffering inflicted on thousands of Black, Latino, API and low income bus riders for the past five years. Bringing real relief to the riders must be an integral goal of this civil rights review.

In light of the mass transit crisis of service cuts and fare increases sweeping across the country, this case can set a real national precedent for stronger civil rights intervention by federal agencies.

Please take action now to pressure the Obama Administration to prioritize civil rights and oppose modern day transit segregation.

Power to the People!