LAT: MTA targets bus line serving Westside workers who live in South L.A

MTA is once again planning on eliminating bus service in Los Angeles.

They have cited many reasons for the service cuts, low ridership, budget concerns and duplicate service. The elimination of the 9 bus lines and the service cuts on 11 others are also part of the plan to shift riders to the Expo Rail line, which is due to finally open this spring. The overall effect would be the loss of 4% of bus service overall. This comes in addition to the 550,000 hours of service already cut by the MTA since 2007. The cuts have affected riders all over the county. In August, the Bus Riders Union held a Transit Justice Town hall, attended by over 200 people, and gathered the stories and written testimony of riders already struggling with the devastating impacts of bus service cuts.

Line 305 is a microcosm for the systemic cuts planned by MTA

The February 27th Los Angeles Times article profiled some of the riders on Line 305. The bus line, which travels from South LA to the jobs, hospital and schools of the Westside, has been a vital link for the residents. Without that service, riders will have to change from taking one bus to taking as many as three buses to reach their destinations. This will add extra time, cost and hardship for the service workers and students who use the line.

MTA hasn't searched for alternatives to cutting service

Bus Riders Union Lead Organizer Sunyoung Yang was quoted saying, "One thing Metro could have done is shift funds from rail, highway and other county transportation efforts to preserve service for some of the system's neediest riders. Instead, they chose to do it on the back of immigrant domestic workers, working-class students and unemployed South L.A. residents"

If the MTA goes ahead with the planned cuts, service on the 305 will end in late spring, and all of Los Angeles will lose another 305,000 hours of service. This will bring the cuts to nearly a million hours of service lost since 2007.