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  • This new publication lays out 10 principles for creating sustainable cities. Urbanist Jan Gehl and Walter Hook, Executive Director of the Institute of Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) compile the main qualities of livable cities, citing examples from around the world in which transit has been integrated into urban design.

  • Summer Youth Organizing Academy participant, Damien Romero, shares his lessons and experiences of organizing with the Community Rights Campaign for the first time. "Organizing for the first time was a very moving experience. Even though I was a bit nervous to be placed into conversation with strangers, the fact that I was able to carry them out was very reassuring as the day went on...."

  • Karla Chavez is a member and volunteer for the Community Rights Campaign.  She is our volunteer photographer for the Summer Youth Organizing Academy.  She blogs about her role in helping build a movement to end the criminalization of our people and the importance of documenting our work through photography. 

  • Summer Youth Organizing Academy, participant Desirae Monique Duncan, writes about her first day of organizing in buses. "People that are heavily impacted by the prison system need to be organized because if they share their experiences it will open our eyes to the conditions we're all exposed to and how unjust they really are...."

  • For the past two weeks Bus Riders Union members and volunteers have
    been going out on the 720 buses and asking people to write comments of
    support for the bus only lanes.  Find out what people have been saying!

  • "If buses are moving well, and carrying more people than the car
    lanes, the bus lane looks empty most of the time. Only a failing or
    obstructed bus lane looks like it's full of buses.
    That's why bus
    lanes such a hard sell in cities run by motorists who want to do the
    green thing but still form their impressions from behind the wheel."

  • Our allies at the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) are launching a campaign to turn the 4th Street segment from Hoover Street to Cochran into a bike boulevard. Bicycle and pedestrian traffic would be prioritized around this low-traffic area that is already utilized as a bike route.
  • The draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes Project has been released for public review! Over the next month until July 26th, MTA will be taking in public comments online and via mail to be included in the official Environmental Impact Report.

  • In Detroit Michigan from June 22nd-June 26th, TRPT gathered with more than 15, 000 people for the U.S. Social Forum. Described not as a conference, but a political process to align and strengthen our communities, the Social Forum embarked with the motto: Another World is Possible, another U.S. is Necessary, another Detroit is happening.

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