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  • In Detroit Michigan from June 22nd-June 26th, TRPT gathered with more than 15, 000 people for the U.S. Social Forum. Described not as a conference, but a political process to align and strengthen our communities, the Social Forum embarked with the motto: Another World is Possible, another U.S. is Necessary, another Detroit is happening.

  • The BRU's campaign to defeat MTA's racist fare increase reached a fever pitch on Thursday, May 27, when 150 BRU members and allies shut down the MTA Board.

  • After months of campaigning and an intensive week of fasting and organizing at the Rosa Parks Tent City, 150 BRU members and allies shut down the MTA Board. We were left with no choice but to stop business as usual. We brought the MTA Board meeting to a halt for the better part of 4 hours. In the process, two of our organizers, Sunyoung Yang and Gabriel Strachota, were arrested in an act of civil disobedience. Here's a recap of the day...

  • According the the LA Times, "Demonstrators effectively shut down the meeting and interrupted a hearing involving the 710 before authorities ordered union members to clear the room." Glendale News Press and La Opinion also recognized the BRU. Pasadena Star News and the San Gabriel Valley Tribune ran the same story, which quoted...[Read on for links and more media]

  • The hunger fasters have been using their facebook page to blog, give live updates, and post pics and videos from each day's actions and happenings. After the first night at the Rosa Parks Tent City, Manuel Criollo, BRU member, testifies, "We greeted the morning with the help of a mexica indigenous saumadora with the sweet and earthy scent of copal. In an act of solidarity, Rosa Miranda, one of the BRU fasters for justice, goes to LA City Council to..."

  • On the morning of Day 5 of the Hunger Fast for Justice the BRU was joined by guest speaker Dolores Huerta.

  • Interviews with two of the BRU hunger fasters. Rosa Miranda, inmigrante mexicano, lives in Westlake, mother of 3, a bus rider. Staci Williams, unemployed, lives in South LA, mother of 2, a bus rider.

  • On May 19th in front of the MTA Budget Committee, Esperanza Martinez,
    lead organizer for the Bus Riders Union, announced the beginning of the
    Hunger Fast for Justice. The Bus Riders Union, wanting to graphically
    illustrate the true cost of the MTA's fare increase will begin a hunger
    fast on May 20th.

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