Important Tactical Victory in the fight against Bus Service Cuts


BRU holds press conference to celebrate an important tactical victory

This morning the BRU held a press conference in front of MTA headquarters, joined by dozens of BRU members as well as allies Danny Park from KIWA and Joseph Thomas of LACAN to highlight this important news for bus riders and to share the real life daily impacts of bus service cuts to the average bus rider.

Compliance review is not "business as usual"

The on-site compliance review, which is conducted very rarely, will involve sending a team of investigators to interview MTA staff, pore over agency documents, and likely interview key community stakeholders. The investigation will examine all aspects of MTA's civil rights policies and practices, including but not limited to an assessment of whether or not a series of deep cuts made to the bus system constitutes a violation of civil rights regulations.

The FTA Office of Civil Rights - with very limited staff - receives hundreds of letters and complaints each year.

The FTA chose Los Angeles County MTA and Atlanta's transit system as the targets of the only two on-site compliance reviews planned for 2011. Both regions have seen massive cuts in transit service and increases in fares impacting people of color and low-income people. (Reporters seeking additional information on what an "on-site civil rights compliance review" by FTA involves, how often it happens, and under what circumstances, are encouraged to call Guillermo Mayer, an expert on federal enforcement of civil rights regulations in the transportation arena, at 415/431-7430 Reporters are also encouraged to call directly to the FTA Office of Civil Rights.)  

Join us at the MTA board meeting March 24th at 8:30 am at Gateway Plaza at Cesar Chavez/Vignes

Urge the board to reject the proposed service cuts

Press Response to BRU announcement:

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