Rosendahl Continues Action to Remove Westside BOL

Bill Rosendahl continues to move forward with efforts to remove the Brentwood section of the bus-only lanes project (BOL). LA Streetsblog posted an article outlining Rosendahl's route of action to meet with the Transportation Committee, and then bring forth their vote to remove the Brentwood section of the BOL to the rest of the Metro Board. From the article:

"Bill Rosendahl was able to move legislation that was written by Bill Rosendahl without other Council Members weighing in. However, when a Chair moves legislation without a vote, it doesn't meet the hearing requirement, so advocates will have another chance to testify and win the hearts and minds of the Council. Assuming the Council recommends removing the Westside from the BRT plan, the Metro Board would still need to approve their staff exploring the option in environmental studies before it could go anywhere. Metro staff assured the room that they would bring the city's official position to the attention of the Metro Board."

Rosendahl's argument is that since BOL has already been removed from the Condo Canyon area, it makes no sense to still have the lanes in Brentwood. We know this is not true and even only 1.8 miles of BOL in Brentwood will still move people faster than in rush hour traffic. Read the full article here.