BRU Launches Policy Paper: Clean Air and Economic Justice Plan


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Today, just two days before LA County cash registers and pockets are hit with Measure R, MTA's third 1/2 cent sales tax, those that will be hit the hardest, busriders that make an average of $12,000 a year, have yet to see a concrete plan for bus improvements promised to them under this tax. Seven months ago MTA Director and Mayor Villaraigosa, opened up a process so that the public could shape the plan for the 20% of Meausre R funds designated for a 30 year bus improvement plan.

The BRU went on the offensive and developed a plan to improve mobility, create thousands of jobs, and impact global warming and this morning unveiled the Clean Air and Economic Justice plan (read report). We opposed Measure R because our biggest concern was there would be a long list of unrealistic rail and highway projects and not enough funding thus creating the conditions for the 20% for bus improvements would become a raid-able pot of money.

Today we call on Mayor Villaraigosa (read press release),  who controls 4 votes on the MTA Board of Directors and spearheaded the campaign for Measure R, along with the entire MTA Board to take bold action to adopt the BRU Clean AIr and economic justice plan that calls for 500 expansion buses, the reversal of the 2007 fare increase and $150 million for a network of bus only lanes.

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