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  • When we founded the Labor/Community Strategy Center (LCSC) in 1989 it was a dark time in world history.

  • BRU March thru Union Station to MTA Board Mtg to Say Stop the Racist Fare Increase

    A new study by UCLA economist Paul Ong, commissioned by the BRU, finds that MTA policies are squeezing transit riders at both ends. The study reveals that two years after the federal stimulus, fare increases place a burden on transit-dependent people already hit by high unemployment and declining wages.

  • Have you received a ticket from Sheriffs on or around a Metro Train or Bus? The Strategy Center is bringing a federal civil rights complaint against the MTA to the Department of Transportation and the Department of Justic. If you have been subjected to unfair and racist treatment by the MTA in the process of “fare collection” for the non-existent violation of “fare evasion” Fill out this Depositon with details of what happened We will use this in our complaint.

  • Labor Community Strategy Center Fight for the Soul of the Cities Pan African Film Festival Presents SELMA Produced by Ava DuVernay Martin Luther King Jr. And The Black Revolutionary Tradition Strategy And Soul Theater January 14th, 2017 @5pm Program Discussion of Eric Mann’s Article Martin Luther King Jr and the Black Revolutionary Tradition Our Plans With The Pan African Film Festival February 9-20 2017 $10.00 or more suggested contribution Tickets must be reserved Call 213-387-2800 or e-mail 3546 W Martin Luther King Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90008
  • For LA Metro Black Lives, Don’t Matter. LA Metro criminalizes black riders who are only 19% of riders, but make up over 50% of all LA Metro fare citations, fines and arrest are Black riders on Metro rails – Black riders are stopped, check, profiled, harassed, frisked, cited, fined, jailed, and beaten all forms of dehumanization of Black life to ensure a sterile lily white rail experience for LA Metro imaginary and non-existing choice rider.
  • Los Angeles Metro is putting a new sales tax on the November Ballot.
    They called it Prop R 2. We call it Prop Racism x2

    This would be their fourth sales tax since 1980. They already have $5 billion of our money.
    The MTA is a known civil rights violator. Their goals are clear.
    Build up a Rail and Highway Empire—Destroy the Public Bus System
    Gentrify L.A. and Drive Black and Latino working communities out of LA.
    Criminalize Black life. Assault, insult, ticket, and arrest Black passengers
    Destroy Public Transportation, Deny Global Warming, Build More Highway. Burn the Planet.
    Tax you again and again.

  • Strategy and Soul is a political and cultural space for resistance against gentrification to take up and stake space for radical Black imagination and struggle. The space will be at the center of a contested space by capitalist and gentrification economic development interest and hope to contribute to the cultural vibrancy and survival of Leimert Park only a few blocks south, the Crenshaw corridor which is being impacted by the construction of the Crenshaw rail line and dislocation of low-income Black and Brown residents that has suffered an entire generational war of neglect by the system and now its move toward complete removal and eradication.

    Please Consider Supporting Strategy and Soul and our Political Work through a financial contibution.

  • Today, after 18 months of ferocious uphill organizing the
    Labor/Community Strategy Center reached an agreement with the Los
    Angeles Unified School District and the Los Angeles School Police

  • Maria Guardado

    Maria was an important figure of the Bus Riders Union-she and many other Latin America leftists from the First Unitarian Church and their Monseñor Romero congregation were one of the first recruits to the Bus Riders Union-it's like the left gods crossed for the Strategy Center and this group of Latin American leftists to meet.

  • We urge you to reject the DOD 1033 program and support our movement to end the program all together. Like the rounding up of immigrants, shooting of unarmed civilians, police brutality, and mass incarceration, the DOD 1033 program is indefensible. The LAUSD must get out of, and condemn, the DOD 1033 program now.

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